Program Details

HealthCare Access connects the uninsured with the medical community by coordinating care.
We link our patients with doctors, clinics, and hospitals who volunteer to provide healthcare services.
So, our patients receive care at a remarkably low cost –  patients have a $10-$20 copay for primary and specialty care, 
and laboratory & diagnostic work comes free of charge.

HealthCare Access works to erase financial and logistical barriers for both patients and providers to create an open door to
health care for those who are usually denied such access

Our Approval Process

Note: HealthCare Access operate on a referral basis, which means a doctor, financial counselor, or case manager must refer you.

Step 1: Phone Interview 

First, we will conduct a phone interview with referred patients to ensure they meet our basic Eligibility Requirements. For a patient to be considered for the HealthCare Access program, they must:

  1. have an income within 200% of the Federal Poverty Guidelines
  2. not have medical coverage of any kind, and
  3. be a resident of Forsyth, Stokes, Davie, Davidson or Yadkin county (for at least 90 days)

Step 2: Financial Screening Visit

After the phone interview, patients will schedule an appointment to come in to the office for a full financial screening.

The information needed for this screening will be different for every patient. Thus, each patient will receive a letter in the mail stating exactly what they need to bring to their appointment. This Information may include: income verification, tax information, photo ID, Government Assistance information and copies of monthly bills. 

Step 3: Sign Paperwork and Receive a Card

If the patient is found to be eligible for the program, they will sign a Responsibilities Agreement and an Acknowledgement Form, outlining the rules of the program.

The enrolled patient will be given a copy of these documents and a HCA enrollment card, which must be presented every time he/she receives services with the program.

Step 4: Recertification 

Patients are required to renew (or recertify) their HCA eligibility by providing information via mail or coming in for a follow up financial screening. If a patient fails to renew their coverage, they will be disenrolled from our program.