Bankruptcy, or take your chances? That is often the choice for the uninsured. Your tax deductible contribution makes a real difference to the thousands of people in our community without health insurance. Who are the uninsured? They are everywhere – your neighbor down the street, the man you see at the park, the woman who serves you your hamburger. The reasons vary – some lose their jobs, some only work part-time, some are taking care of disabled children full-time and can’t work, some work hard and simply can’t afford it – but the result is the same. They are denied the access to vital care they need. With your help, we can ensure access for the uninsured to the medical community.

I’d had insurance all my life until the economy went bad five or six years ago. One of my mother’s doctor’s told me about HealthCare Access. After I was with your program, I had a nose bleed that wouldn’t stop. Turns out my blood pressure was sky high. And, you know, people don’t really come back from that, most people die. But I was able to get help. HealthCare Access and the physicians really saved my life.


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Read some of our patients’ stories to know who in your community you’re investing in and how your donation will impact our area in a concrete way.

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