“If not for this organization, I would not be here today.”

-Morris Russell

You want to know the truth?

I’d be dead by now if y’all hadn’t been for me. I wouldn’t have been able to go to doctors, there was no way. I would have given up. My total being is saying that from the level where it’s about as deep as you can go. It's not my mind saying that, it’s my heart saying that. That’s about as true and profound as I can make it. That’s just it, ya know. With all the problems I got, what deduction can you come to besides that?


I don't know what I would have done without y'all. I wouldn't have been able to get medical help. I needed expensive tests and I would have been in debt and I never would have recovered from that. It's been nothing but great being with HealthCare Access.


HealthCare Access was heaven sent at a time when I really needed it. It allowed me access to my medical team for my serious health issues and to get the proper paperwork to file my disability claim.


I don't know what we would have done without HealthCare Access. The doctors treat us just the same as anyone else, and it's a blessing to know you can go to the doctor.


It's been wonderful. If I don't know what to do, they [HealthCare Access] are here to help me and I really appreciate it. They [HealthCare Access] tell you what to do to get help.


By being in a position to access their [HealthCare Access'] services, you know, I’ve had some life extending procedures done that I obviously in my financial status [could not have had otherwise] –when I came to Winston Salem I was pretty much between pillar and post, I went to Community Care Center and facilitators of this program and I found out I had medical issues.

Y'all guided me in a course I understand to be reasonable for someone in my situation. You know, I'm technically homeless; I live in and manage the fellowship home, but my name is not on a lease. My life has changed for the better since being connected to HealthCare Access.

We were looking at CCC at some abnormal bloodwork. This led to the discovery of the cancer. Monitoring my blood, my doctor at CCC noticed that there was a spike in my iron levels and he couldn’t explain why. So they took me off of red meat for a while and told me not to take any type of supplements that might have iron in them. Come back in, check again. Checked second and third times, the iron continued to spike. The doctor said 'Russ, not trying to frighten you, but sometimes elevated iron level does sometimes indicate cancer.' They did an ultrasound on my liver, but I had perfect liver scans. One day another doctor asked if I'd ever had a CT scan, and she said we want to give you a CT scan and they found a 2.7 cm lesion on the smaller portion of the liver. Did some more research, found out it was cancerous.

Then there was a doctor who tried to shanghai me, and y'all helped me out of that. Stephanie straightened everything out and made sure I was taken care of. So I got surgery, walked out of there, and never looked back.

I'm grateful that HealthCare Access has been there for me to access so that my life can continue, one day at a time, without any interference from disease. HealthCare Access was there to head it off to keep me up on two feet. I might get to play with grandkids one day. Who knows? Lost dreams awaken and new possibilities arise!


Someone recommended HealthCare Access when I was taking my mom to a doctor's appointment. The people [at HealthCare Access] were nice, concerned, pleasant. I started addressing issues I had and going to the doctor.

I went in once for a nose bleed, it wouldn't stop, and I ended up in the ICU. My blood pressure was out of control. I honestly feel like HealthCare Access and those doctors saved my life.

I have high blood pressure and diabetes. I went to the endocrinologist. The doctors are great – I never feel like I'm imposing on them. They're the best docs I've ever had. I can't thank them or HealthCare Access enough for what you've done.


HealthCare Access has opened doors to care for some of the most vulnerable children in our practice.  When patients are excluded from our health care system due to ineligibility for insurance, HealthCare Access enables them access to essential services.  At other times, HealthCare Access has helped them to navigate our complex health care system.  As a pediatrician, I am incredibly grateful that this program offers hope to families by promoting health in our community.


Julie Linton


I am very, very happy that I am with HealthCare Access – before I never took care of myself, you know what I mean, because I was afraid to have these bills. But now I feel great because I really have a problem with my heart and before I didn’t even know because I was afraid to go to the hospital. But now I can and they found the heart problem. I got to take care of my problem before it’s too late! And, you know, I’m not going anywhere without your little card [the HealthCare Access card]! So I wouldn’t have known. HealthCare Access has been a great, great, great help!

I feel more secure, I can take care of myself better. I was afraid before that when they saw the bills I owe, if I went, then they wouldn’t take care of me. They always check for everything [if you have insurance]; I was afraid they wouldn’t call me back because I didn’t have the money to pay the hospital bills. I’m so happy to have [the HealthCare Access] card. My daughter is relieved I got that little card.

Thank you for helping me out, I owe you guys one!